Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Powerland Snow Blower

Well after getting 2 feet of lake effect snow over the last week here in Duluth, I got to use this buy a snow blower with free shipping to your door.A day after buying this Powerland snow blower.I was waiting to use it the next time it snowed.It is fast, cuts down to the concrete, and hasn't given me even one problem.It throws the snow big time,and being at the age I'm at,don't think I could have shoveled my driveway in one sitting.If you're looking where to busy a Powerland Snow Blower.Just buy it here,and it's delivered to your door.A free shipping snow blower experience.

Alot of us have cars,and can't fit the snow blower in the trunk,so we have to have it delivered from the hardware store,that's if they have free delivery.

Buying it here you get free shipping,and the odds are this Powerland Snow Thrower is  the same price at the hardware store,as it is here...and we'll throw in free delievery.

This powerland snow blower came recommended to me by the yard crew at the Hospital.This is what they use,because it's so dang dependable.You can't beat a free shipping snow blower.

This is the Powerland PDST Snow Thrower

It's a 32 inch snowblower,and man does this thing have the power.

I would recommend this SnowBlower to anyone seeking a snow thrower with a powerful engine, large clearing path and price that can't be beat.This machine also starts easy,and has electric start.Electric start snowblowers are a must.

I eneded up helping my neighbor also.The Power Land Snow Blower saved my life!!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Best Electric Snow Blower

You only have to look at this 25 pound wonder to know its not a heavy duty snow blower. So don't think it is going to do the job of a huge gas powered rig.

Having said that - I have a 50ft two car wide driveway. It flings 5 inches of snow off that driveway in 10 to 15 min. I love it. I cant wait for more snow. It should have no problem with a foot of snow. its like a high powered snow vacume

You just plug it in and go. No gas, no spark plugs, no oil, no tune up. I am often done before the neighbor has cussed enough to get his gas monster (with head lights) running. I have full confidence in this rig.

I liked mine so much I purchased one ...for my brother...I have read people who are concerned with the power of an electric. The Toro has plenty of power and higher RPMs than a gas thrower. No blower works great in all condition. However in the snow we have had here in northern NJ it has no problem throwing snow 20 to 30 feet. I highly recommend this thrower. It is better than throwers in its class that and a little larger. But its not a match for a big rig. I have read some complain about small wheels. The wheels are just fine thank you! This blower will blow snow like crazy but It is not up to punching through the plow wall. I break up the plow wall with a shovel then blow it away. I calculate several inches of snow on my driveway weighs about 40 tousand pounds. This blower moves almost all of that and saves your back and heart for having fun in the snow.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Toro Power Clear Snow Thrower

Toro is a dam good reputable brand when it comes to snow blowers.This is the toro snow thrower we have.For as powerful as it is,it's also amazingly light,compared to other snow blowers of the same size.It's a 21 inch,and I have not had a snow storm that this machine can't handle.Just a reminder for those who are not use to using a snow blower.A person can tackle 3 foot pluss snow falls.Depending in the shoot size,all a person does is take smaller bites while blowing snow.Ya ever let the grass over grow,and try to mow it?..Same thing.Ya just take smaller bites.This machine can handle 3 feet without a problem.It also starts like a charm,unlike some of the other blowers I've used.Once you have this puppy,you never worry about snow storms again.Works great for sidewalks,and large drive ways.It's has an electric start,full toro warrenty.You can't go wrong with this machine.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Snow Joe Ultra 622U1

This electric snow blower has been selling like hot cakes,and for good reason.It's very aggressive when it comes to blowing snow,it's light weight,and it's electric.It'll start when most other snow blowers will not.Electric snow throwers are becomming very popular,and the Snow Joe Ultra comes to the top,when it comes to customer satisfaction.You can buy this snow blower online,and have it shipped right to your door.Very easy to use,and no maintanance.For young & old alike.This is a snowblower you'll be extremely satisfied with,and you won't be dissapointed using this machine in action.I bought this one for my grandparents.They love it,because it's so easy to use,and they are not out of breath getting this thing in action.Snow Joe Ultra 622U1 is worth every penny when it comes to an electric snow thrower.

Murray 1695722

This thing is a monster of snow throwers.With a briggs & stratton engine you can't go wrong.You could snowplow the streets with this puppy.This snow blower is one of the best machines by consumer reviews of 2010.Self propelled & Electric Start.It can plow through 30 inches of snow with ease.Farmers,local businesses,and home owners love the dependability,and the power this Murry Snow Blower has.You can buy this snow thrower online,and next day delivery is available.Murray Snow Blowers are one of the most reputable snow throwers on the market.This one is great with large driveways,and parking lots.Cities across this country use this machine to swim out of the worst sort of snow storms.Whether you live in Iowa,or the at the north pole.You'll always see a Murray Snow Blower in action.

Powerland PDST32

This Powerland Snow Thrower is the grizzly in power.This machine is for those who not only enjoy removing snow while blowing,but for those that like to teach it a lesson.This Powerland PDST32 Snow blower is self propelled with an electric start.It's a powerful 13hp that can take on any significant snow fall.Start right up in sub zero temperatures,and can take huge bites of snow 2 feet,or more deep.It's also pwerful enough to handle even the heaviest of snow.If you have a large driveway,this machine is a must,and you'll also consider it a blessing to have around.When it comes to snow blowers,this machine can't be beat.It's the powerhouse of blowers.You can order this machine online,and next day delivery is available.

Powerland PDST24

Now this is considered the best snow blower of 2010.It's dependable,self propelled,electric start,and not a snow storm out there that can defeat this wonderful snow machine.It can thow the snow a good distance as well,for big drive way jobs.So if you're looking for a Powerland Snow Blower Online..then here it is.Same day shipping while in stock,and over night deliver incase you're in serious need.We have had nothing but great things to say about the Powerland Snow Throwers.It'll be a machine you'll have around for years to come.This baby has electric start,and even in the coldest of winters you'll have no problem starting this 6.5 Hp butt kicker.It really does the job,and shoot that unwanted snow out of the way.

Toro 38381

Now this handy little snow throwing machine can really pull its weight.Never need to gas it,and it's guaranteed to start no matter how cold the temperatures may be.It's a 18-Inch 15 Amp Electric 1800 Power Curve Snow Thrower.Toro blowers are reputable,and you can't go wrong using this handy little item.An electric snow blower is easier to start,starts no matter how cold it may be,and is also alot lighter in weight.It's easy to push along,and a person is not out of breath after starting it,like the other snow blowers we all know about.This Toro Snow Blower is easy to get.You can buy it online right now,and have it at your door next day if you'd like.Get ready for winter now,don't wait to buy during a snowstorm.Be prepaired for old man winter this year with the Toro Snow Blower 38381