Monday, January 31, 2011

Big Snow Blowers For Sale

The Toror Snow Blower is a reputable snowmachine that can handle 2 feet of snow.This is not the biggest snow blower,but it does the job for my 80 foot drive way.So when it comes to big snow blowers for sale this is the model I recommend.

It really throws the snow,and moves itself along great.If it's deep snow you might have to make a couple passes to get down to the cement,and then you're good to go.

Shipping only costs a tad over 60 bucks,and I had no choice.Not that I'm complaining,but we all wish for free shipping snow blowers.Look at the high demand for them now,so ya have to accept the times.Yes you can get a snowblower delivered over night.

Like I said.This is a good toro snow blower delivered.


  1. Snow blowers in NJ delivered is the only way to get them.I'm glad I bought this one online.It was delivered to my door,filled up the gas,and oil.It was ready to go.It comes ready to go from the crate.Just read the directions,and you're set.Every hardware store with snow blowers in northern NJ are out of snow blowers.I live theremand belive me.It's alot easier buying one on line,than driving around there looking for one.

  2. I've always liked a toro snowblower.All these new companies try to compete,and there are some good snow throwers out there.I just always stuck with my toro snowblower because I love the electric start on them better.