Monday, January 31, 2011

Big Snowblowers Delivered

Now this machine I call the hog.It's a powerful snowblower that could do parking lots.I use this one on my driveway that happens to be 300 feet long.

When it comes to big snowblowers this one beats the rest.

It has a powerful Briggs & Stratton Engine..and a lot of horse power.

If you want a big snowblower that can take on 2-3 feet of snow at a shot.Then this is the machine for you.Even the Ely Mn Outfitters use this particular snow machine.

This is a free shipping snow blower also.That's right.A snow blower free delivery to your door.

I'd like to also say this one has a great 2 year waranty on all parts.This is my second winter with mine,and I've had no problems with it,and I'm very peased.

If you have a lot of area to snow blow,and are wondering where to buy big snow blowers online.Then here ya go.This one is delivered free to your door.

This one is called the Snapper 27 Inch Briggs & Stratton.

I take about 12 swipes with this thing,and my road is clear.I don't have a plower to do my drive way,and with out this thing no way could I shovel it.It's just to big.Having snowblowers delivered out to my place in the middle of nowhere has been a blessing.

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